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Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is good

I really like the work you put into this, chalk is trick to work with and it's turning out pretty good! I really like the detail that you put in with the light refractions and what not. It's a really big picture so i mean, that's a lot of work you got. Your understanding of light has really benefit you for the better. Proportions are righteous I'll give ya another holler if you can do something like this again, it really sucks ass that it rained, but at least you got this much in. Cool work, keep it up :)

XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

thanks a ton! This made me smile (:

Love Triangle Love Triangle

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I freaking love how you put the characters into the background rips from the game. You have a knack for that that I really enjoy seeing. And Again, I still love Silent Hill, check my bulletin for a few pics of me in my costume at A-kon.

Anyway, back to the artsy stuff.

I do like the characters, how they blend into the background, coloring, etc. The thing that I like most besides the background would be the effort put into the Pyramid Head's skirt, that looks legit. For some reason, i don't feel the same effort was put into the top half

The things I don't like are the ways the colors are splotched on the characters, I understand a lot of this is just your art style and it's okay. I don't like the distinct black lines left on the Pyramid Head's "winging" of his helmet. For some reason, the coloring/shading on the nurses arm where it meats her shoulder blade seems off, the blurriness of it with the sharpness of her arm didn't really match up. Other than that, the art style the same throughout the artwork, so It's hard to critique it to anything because it's done in it's own atmosphere.

Again, I simply adore that you put the in-game backgrounds in with your artwork, the way that they splotch together is spot on and I really like that about your artwork, like with the nurse and flashlight I reviewed a long time ago.

I think that a 6/10 suffices for a serious score from me. For things that I would ask for you to work on would be a more detailed picture of this, or perhaps a more "clean" version of it with a little more "sharpness" to the picture. I do like your art, don't get me wrong, I'm sorry if this review isn't as good as the last one. But i tried.

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XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

No man, I love your reviews. Thanks bunches!
Their always a joy to read, & I take notes of everything to improve on! xxx

It's Your Lucky Day It's Your Lucky Day

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sexy ;)

I'd prolly let her have her way, my ex went dressed as a nurse from Silent Hill for Holloween, fucking sexy, creepy things they are.

In other words, I do like your artistic style, the flashlight effect is pretty cool, i did like that as a pointer.You have the Female anatomy down, which is a plus because a lot of artists i see on here don't understand that much of it. For what it's worth i think it's a good drawing, I do enjoy your artistic style, but as well as a masterpiece, i think a 6 suffices for the amount of work put into it and the overall turn-out, which is pretty good. I can't really give you pointers or anything because it is a pretty clean cut drawing in your own artistic styling, The fact you did an actual pictures as the BG was a little disappointing, but as you said in your review, you wanted to do one from the game but couldn't find any good ones... I would have liked it if you did your own background rather than a picture, but your the artist and I rate what you give me for my opinion in judgement. Overall i think you did pretty well, being able to mix the art into the picture rather than the picture into the art was fantastic, meaning, the BG of the hospital and your drawing colluded pretty well, NJ.

Good luck and i hope i see more of your art and what not, maybe have a more detailed drawing next time, not that your style is bad, but just to get a taste of both worlds i suppose.

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XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

Thank you so much. I'm just going to take this moment to say to all of NG. THIS IS HOW A REVIEW SHOULD BE. He gave me a fair score, & a reason for it. Instead of vaguely mentioning what you would have done. He told me my up's & down's that I completely agree with, but stayed positive! I usually hate critics, but this was a master piece. Thank you very much! I've noticed what you've pointed out & do agree with it. A lot. I did make this a while ago, & at the time. It was my master piece, but now I assure you I could probably do much better.

I've always hated the fact that this is my most popular drawing..because I really didn't try hard. xxx

Thanks again! really! I so hope to get another review from you!

-Thumbs xx

Sunshine Sunshine

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really great...

But there are some points where it seems you missed some erasing, that and it looked a little sloppy down next to her bottom piece on her right side. Some of the "skin" texture is overlapping the material, such that it looks like (s represents skin and b represents bikini bottom) sb---. also above her right elbow there is a smidgen of skin texture again, then up along her tricep it seems a little rigid of a transition, but that one isn't as worrisome, neither is the nip bit of extra skin above her rear.

Something that I really didn't like was the massive blurriness on her bottom piece, not so much the top though really. Generally around the ring on the bottom part is where it hurt my eyes to look at. It just didn't seem to mix well with the shading you put in there when the swim suit touches the ring and what not. I don't know, it just seemed "too" blurry when brought up close. Maybe it's just me.

When the picture is small it looks pretty amazing, things that really pop out is her hair and her bikini top and bottom. Something about her hair keeps me focused on it for some reason... just looks weird to my eye, but it may just be my preference.

I don't work with photoshop, rather i've merely played with it, but something like this to come out of it is pretty amazing. I really do enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but there was a few things that were overlooked in it. The blurriness is just my preference, but the other small mistakes are something that i feel should be fixed regardless of someone's opinion.

Things that i did like in it was the knowledge of the female anatomy, especially with the lighting on the hip and the inward curvature of her left arm. I really enjoyed seeing the muscle development within the body structure, especially the profound tricep on her left arm. I don't often write reviews unless I really like the art/flash, things to improve on that really bug me, or words of some motivation to someone who has potential. I'm not a guru of art or anything, but i honestly appreciate it down to the core. I can't draw myself, very well unless i spend hours upon hours on small detail...., but i do like your artwork. I hope to see more come from you and I hope what little critiquing i have done can help fix some mistakes. because the anatomy, majority of the shading and coloring are in fair shape. There could be some more improvement in the hair and top strap to give more illusion to being on the skin and pinching into the skin. The hair though seemed out of place, almost as if it had lost some of its compatibility with the rest of her had and body as it met and went below her temple. I don't know, it seemed to not stick to her, as if it were just stuck on her head as a different piece of embodiment as i focus on her left temple. Though, I am ALWAYS picky about hair so it may just be me.

9/10 for overlooked mistakes, overall a great piece of artwork i really enjoyed examining this piece. So... keep up the good work!

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SunnyRays responds:

wow man you noticed all the little details that I thought would go unfound....
I mean you really looked closely...a few things I'll remember for the next one:
(thanks a lot, I realized these after reading your review)
I think I may have merged some layers too early, hence causing me to add the bikini last so it is kinda just drawn on top of the body...
also I realized the hair is most likely missing the shadow that it's supposed to cast , so it appears to be "floating", I guess I'll have to look closer when applying finishing touches for all the other little details...
and yeah clothes in general is a thing to improve
you seem very knowledgable in this, hope to see your work around some time^^

6th sight 6th sight

Rated 2 / 5 stars

It is pretty.

I won't say the program you used because you said it was a "secret" on the last review. The only thing i can really say about it is the way you choreographed it and the little while it took you to make it. It's cool that you were able to keep it all symmetrical. I have a few of these sitting on my old computers HDD. I stopped using the program because it didn't seem as artistically creative as i thought it would be when i got it. Just from my experience with it, it doesn't take too much to make an image unless you actually go through and draw each line, which wasn't done here. Don't get me wrong, i like it, but knowing the program, i looked for a little more artistic effort. I do like your other pieces though.