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2010-07-02 15:30:11 by Tebone7

Yeah, I went to A-kon and I'm only just NOW putting up pictures a month later. And in China...

Anyway, had a blast at A-kon, sucks I can only submit one photo on here... rest i'll put on a link at the end.

I guess i just wanted to say that A-kon is awesome and I'll be going to A-fest as the same thing this September, I hope to see some people I know there, if anyone is going that lives in the area, that would be awesome to get a group of people or something. That would be cool, I'll also be going to the A-kon next year if I'm still in Texas, if anyone has any ideas and wants to go as a group give me a hollar and we'll see if we can't get a big group of people to go as a cast from some anime, game, or a movie or something, that would be pretty tight.

Anyway, going to try to get into flash and or music or something because I really feel like i have some potential but not enough practice, so that will be beyond awesome if it works out and i get started on making some stuff.. Anyway, we'll all find sooner or later what I can do.

Anyway, Link to my photobucket site, have a few a-kon pictures and the pictures I've taken in China so far.

Click Here

Also, the way the pictures uploaded are weird, so some of the pictures from China are in there, i'll be fising it soon.



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