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2010-07-02 15:30:11 by Tebone7

Yeah, I went to A-kon and I'm only just NOW putting up pictures a month later. And in China...

Anyway, had a blast at A-kon, sucks I can only submit one photo on here... rest i'll put on a link at the end.

I guess i just wanted to say that A-kon is awesome and I'll be going to A-fest as the same thing this September, I hope to see some people I know there, if anyone is going that lives in the area, that would be awesome to get a group of people or something. That would be cool, I'll also be going to the A-kon next year if I'm still in Texas, if anyone has any ideas and wants to go as a group give me a hollar and we'll see if we can't get a big group of people to go as a cast from some anime, game, or a movie or something, that would be pretty tight.

Anyway, going to try to get into flash and or music or something because I really feel like i have some potential but not enough practice, so that will be beyond awesome if it works out and i get started on making some stuff.. Anyway, we'll all find sooner or later what I can do.

Anyway, Link to my photobucket site, have a few a-kon pictures and the pictures I've taken in China so far.

Click Here

Also, the way the pictures uploaded are weird, so some of the pictures from China are in there, i'll be fising it soon.



2009-06-24 15:18:24 by Tebone7

I guess with the art portal up I can submit stuff now. Been a long time since i pulled out the wooden medium. I posted a picture of green arrow that I drew a few years ago. Been doodling ever since, but it's more refined as compared to green arrow. I don't have too much time to draw anymore, rather... to be able to put a whole lot of time and effort into a worthwhile drawing. This isn't meant to really be a discussable post, just to get the old one i had off. I do appreciate the art forum, though I don't appreciate stupid people who A: Don't understand how art works and B: are ignorant to fact A.

Approval needed?

2009-04-01 03:29:49 by Tebone7

What the hell is this State Council Information Office about. Is it just some type of joke or something? The whole Chinese color look thing is too freaking bright, hurts my eyes. Regardless, these sate council thing is kinda creeping me out, wont let me post or anything. It makes me feel as if i've done something illegal that i don't know about and it's just BAH!.

Currently Working On First Flash

2009-03-01 01:45:26 by Tebone7

Currently working on a flash with the 30 day trial thing from adobe's macromedia trial. I'm sure if i can get everything done the way I have it set in my head that it should work out all right. I don't know how to put a preloader in or how to put music in yet, but i'll try to find out. I'm sure that it will be appreciated when i submit it here in the next week or 2. It's taking a long time because I don't quite have the button layout memorized or how to utilize all of the functions, but I'm really excited to put something up on the site that won't be too bad. It's just going to be a small repeating loop with music in the background, i'll try to make it loop perfectly so that it's not too weird on the eyes. But hopefully this will spark my interest towards actually purchasing or looking more into a flash maker/editor. $799 is a lot of money, about 3, soon to be 4 playstaion 3's.... But if anyone could tell me how to add music and / or the preloader that would speed things up a little bit.


Fucking Posers!

2009-02-03 03:14:45 by Tebone7

Fucking little kids are pissing me off now. Most of them newgrounds I don't even talk to, it's fucking irritating. Every day I log on i get other little kids posting "Fuck you fag" "Fag" over and over again on my blog, wtf. Then i get the asses who say i behold no talent and don't submit anything to newgrounds. It's true I don't submit anything to newgrounds because newgrounds only accepts .swf files and all my extensions are .bgi for animation files.

/* */
I did this in like 20 minutes, no effort at all, but this is the things i work on. All of my "real" work is on school servers which were lost when i graduated, so i have to start over again. I'm sorry i can't submit anything to newgrounds, if i had more money right now i'd buy a flash editor and submit something, for now, this is all i got, so STFU.

Can't get inspiration

2009-02-01 01:18:10 by Tebone7

I can't seem to get any inspiration to draw any original characters for any sketches, any time that I do try i wind up with something i put too much effort into trying to shade it just right and all this crap. It's a habit my teacher made me get into... but anyway. I'm trying to break this habit by drawing smaller "cartoon" characters so I can advance on my own style of drawing.

For those artists out there, what would you recommend on finding inspiration to draw original characters? It can't involve googling random stuff.


2009-01-29 00:44:11 by Tebone7

I'll be 19 in 14 minutes and i'll never be 18 again :O. *sobs* my life is slowly withering away -.-.


2008-12-20 19:03:39 by Tebone7

Next semester marks new advancements in education, oh boy. I can't wait for calculus 3 and physics 2. After those and another class or two, I can finally graduate and the career I've been waiting my whole life for. But I know none of you care.

Let's see, currently working on some flash stuff. Submit something to this site finally....

I won't push it in unless I think it's worth it, but then again, I do see a lot of crap on here. But when I submit it, it should shine.

Saw some cool flashes lately

2008-05-31 01:52:28 by Tebone7

better than some of the earlier ones, when pico day hit, some good flashes came up, which is kinda cool :).

: \

2008-03-03 21:50:37 by Tebone7

Is it just me, or is there a lot of bad submissions going through the flash portal lately : \